A portrait is often a very personal experience from a mobile phone snapshot to a professional studio or location sitting, we all have our own idea of what a portrait should be.

We employ various vintage analogue processes for an experience that will produce something quite unique, specifically large format film and the wet plate collodion on glass or metal from the 1850’s.

Analogue photography methods has been experiencing something of a mini revival in recent years, in some ways similar to the ‘Vinyl Revival’ in music sales where folk appreciate the craftsmanship and time taken to appreciate things that are more authentic in a world where we are at risk of an overload in media.

My style of work is not really intended to replicate that victorian look, rather to share in an experience that creates a very unique and treasures image. Each capture can take 15-20 minutes and at the end you can hold the final image in your hand, this is the only way to really connect with the process and the final plate or film.

A portrait can be a simple act of self indulgence or the experience of creating of a life long memory of a special moment or occasion.

Samples of recent analogue portrait sessions.

More about the wet plate process..

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